Infrared photography captures light that is otherwise invisible to the human eye. The Infrared spectrum lies between the visible light and heat radiation. That is the technical explanation. From an artistic point-of-view, Infrared photography captures what we perceive, but do not see.

The Florida sun shines so brightly, the glare changes the quality of the natural shades and colors. It bristles off the surface of the water, the sand, and its exquisite steel and glass architecture and automobiles. We squint our eyes to coexist with Florida’s mid-day sun, taking in the irradiant glare; experiencing it fully, but not perceiving it as color or shade.

Infrared photography captures the ethereal qualities of this tropical light. It immortalizes the light shimmering off the Florida waters, and flora basking in the sun. The chlorophyll of the foliage can be seen glowing as it takes in the energy of the sun. Waterways become large mirrors as light bounces off them reflecting images of the tropical world above. Shadows are revealed as deep, humid, and dark. They seem cool and hospitable against the intense sun.

Infrared allows us to see what we otherwise experience, mostly unaware of the beauty of the intense light and its resulting shapes and shadows.

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